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In this post I will try to answer the question: “should you use body building supplements“?


Body building supplements are used by millions around the world once the decision is made to graduate from an occasional lifter to a more serious athlete. It’s probably uncommon to find a highly dedicated body builder who is not using supplement support. They do this because this is a sport that regularly tears down muscles and joints. While it is possible to build everything naturally, it takes more time than most body builders have at their disposal. If you have been thinking about taking supplements to help you with your body building, talk to your doctor. What follows is a discussion of supplements that seem to be “of choice” by many lifters.

There’s a particular class of hormone called growth hormones, and it’s in wide use by very many body building athletes. The class name for it is HGH, and it’s pretty recognized by many serious lifting athletes. This is a hormone that is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland and helps keep your body healthy. However, much to the dismay of many people, HGH production starts a very long slowing down process, and that is initiated about when you hit 30 years old. Well, obviously 30 isn’t old at all – and a lot of body building athletes continue lifting well past that age. This is why this particular body building supplement has become so popular. The synthetic variety is effective and works, but it’s not quite the same as what occurs naturally.

Natural Testosterone Booster is a very popular body building supplement. This product was created as a natural alternative to steroids which so many have heard about. In addition to aiding in muscle growth, it can help with other areas such as increased libido and mood regulation. Of course medical steroids for muscle growth, or non-authorized uses, is not legal. Always be sure to have a talk with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement support.

This next supplement is actually two, ecdy and methoxy, and they are frequently sold together and called anabolic flavones. This particular supplement works well when taken at the same time as protein supplements. There is a positive effect on certain hormones with anabolic flavones including adding to strength. Supplements provide a means of external nutritional support for the very serious body builder simply due to the higher than normal load placed on the body.

Anabolic is a word that, for many, will trigger thoughts of steroids and all the various associations. Not all uses of steroids is legal to use, to be sure. However these particular hormones are legal to use. But be safe, be sure – talk to your doctor before taking anything.

You should involve your trainer and physician before you decide you need these supplements. If you really enjoy the sport, you might be tempted to start taking supplements on your own. DON’T DO IT! A reason for this includes your body’s own natural production being adequate enough without this supplement. Yet another reason is that you need to know what you need and what you don’t in order to be successful. Only take what you need, who knows you may not need them at all.

I hope that this information on body building supplements was helpful. If you are looking for a natural diet plan without any supplements then take a look at this page on the Anabolic Cooking cookbook.

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